For Immediate Release: February 14, 2014
Contacts: VDOT: Tamara Rollison 804-335-5758 (cell); Shannon N. Marshall 804-371-6844 (desk) 804-517-2686 (cell)

VDOT Crews Focusing Efforts on Clearing Secondary and Subdivision Roads Across Much of the State


Major roads are in good shape with some icy patches 


RICHMOND – This week’s snow storm brought more than two feet of snow to the western part of the state. Warmer temperatures and sunshine have helped Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews clear roads. Interstates and primaries are mostly clear with some icy areas. The main focus today is clearing secondary roads, many of which are covered with snow, ice and slush.   

What drivers should know: 

  • Crews will plow streets and sand hills, curves and intersections to provide traction. 

  • Continue to park in driveways for plow passes.

  • When clearing driveways, don’t clear the last few feet as the plow will push some snow back. Crews will do their best to push just enough for a path.

  • Residents in northern Virginia can enter their address at to see the status of plowing in their neighborhoods and watch trucks on plow routes.

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